Donation Request

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We love being a part of our community!

The Florence Y'alls are proud members of the Northern Kentucky area, and we intend to give back to the community. The Y'alls are happy to provide a modest donation to a wide variety of charitable/community organizations that wish to make us a part of their event. The following procedures and guidelines will help for your request to be processed in a more efficient manner.

Procedures: Requests must be submitted in writing at least four (4) weeks prior to the actual event. No telephone requests will be processed. Written donation requests must be submitted on official letterhead via email or mail including:

• Organization’s name, address, and non-profit tax ID number • Contact name, mailing address, and phone number • Event Information ( type, date, time, location, etc.) • Group benefiting from funds raised

Please include a self addressed, stamped envelope to receive your donation in the mail; otherwise, donations can be picked up at the Y'alls Team Shop

Because of the large volume of requests, the Florence Y'alls will only assist organizations once per calendar year. While we make every effort to support all organizations in need, the Y'alls organization is limited in the number of donations we can hand out. Therefore, the Florence Y'alls will prioritize donation requests based on date submitted, need, and location, and will respond to the request two weeks prior to the event. The Y'alls give first priority for donations to organizations that also support us. Please submit request to Sophie Wilson,, or at the link below or call 859-470-5168.