Y'alls A-Z

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All ticket sales are final

If a game is rained out or deemed too dangerous due to heat by the Y'alls staff, fans can exchange those tickets for any future non-premium game.

Advanced Ticket Sales

Ticket purchases can be made in person at the Gilkey Ticket Window at the front of the stadium, or can be made over the phone by calling (859) 594-4487

Age for Tickets

Kids 3 and under will receive free admission into Florence Y'alls games. This means that they are expected to sit on a parent's lap. For kids to have their own seat, a ticket must be purchased.

Alcohol Sales

We do not serve to anyone without an "over 21" wristband. Wristbands must be picked up at the info booth by the front gate. A Florence Police Officer will be posted there to issue all wristbands to persons with a valid I.D. 


The ATM is located in the main breezeway behind home plate.

Bag Policy

You may bring in any sized purse or bag into the ballpark. Please understand all bags will be checked upon entry. It will be examined for any outside food or beverage and other prohibited items. 

Booster Seats

For the kiddos who are attending games, we have booster seats available for use. They are located right inside the main gate and will fit in any sections seating. 


We allow outside cake into the park for parties at an up-charge of $15/cake, including the suites. Cake may also be ordered through the Y'alls from our vendor, Kelly's Cakery. 

Children's Prices

All children that are 3 and under are free!

For other kids ages 4-12, to get a free ticket they must be a member of Club Y'allers. For more information, see our Club Y'allers page or visit the Team Shop.

Credit cards

The Y'alls accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express at all ticket windows and concession stands. For purchases over $500, there is a 3% processing fee added to your total (5% for Amex); to avoid this extra charge, you are more than welcome to pay with a check or cash.

Damaged Orders (Retail)

If you received an order from the team store, and your merchandise is damaged, please contact us so we can find the best solution to the problem. We are happy to replace, exchange, or refund damaged orders*.

Diaper Changing Tables

The family restrooms are located conveniently under the awning behind section 108, in the main entrance. For guests upstairs in our hospitality areas, there is one located in the women's bathroom by the 3rd base staircase.

Dress Code

This is a family friendly environment. Please make sure you are dressed appropriately when spending time with us at the ballpark. Ladies, please make sure your skirts and shorts are a modest length, and your chest is covered. Gentleman, shirts are required and sagging pants is not acceptable. For children, please make sure shoes stay on while inside the ballpark.

We hold the right to remove anyone from the ballpark that we believe is breaking our standard of dress code. 

Drunk and Disorderly Conduct

Our staff is trained to monitor all alcohol consumption of guests. If we believe you have hit your limit of service, you will be cut off from purchase. If there is any form of drunk and disorderly conduct by a guest, they will be removed by act of the Florence Police Department. 

We are all for a good time at the Y'alls, but if we believe you need to be removed, we hold the right to do so. 

Dugout Section

If you are sitting above our dugouts in sections 106 or 110, please keep off of our dugouts. Only members of our Rally Team and Staff are allowed on the dugout. If you are invited up for a promotional game, please follow instructions of our staff. This is the only time fans are allowed on the dugout, otherwise please stay of to ensure everyones safety. 

Exchanges (Retail)

For Exchanges, please stop by the team store and speak with a staff member to swap out your merchandise for a different size.

Exchanges (Tickets)

Like other entertainment venues, all ticket purchases are final and unless there is a cancellation or postponement, tickets cannot be refunded or exchanged. This goes for individual ticket purchases and all forms of group and hospitality ticket purchase. 

Family and Friends of Players

We are more than happy to host you at the ballpark to come see your favorite guy play! Each player must submit a request for tickets to each game. If he did not do so, you will not have a ticket waiting for you. You will be asked to buy a ticket if there is not one waiting for you. We don't want this either, so please communicate with your player and get one under your name! 

Field Access

Only individuals specifically participating in Y'alls promotions, at our consent and discretion, are allowed on the field. Photos of first pitches, national anthem performers, etc are to be taken behind the wall.

First Aid

The Beacon Orthopedics First Aid Station is located on the third-base side of the concourse. If first aid is needed, please see your nearest usher or police officer.

Food and Beverage

Outside food and beverages are not allowed to be brought inside the ballpark. Violators could be subject to removal from the stadium by the Florence police.

Foul Balls

It is the fan's responsibility to be aware of objects leaving the field of play at all times. Fans also must not enter the field of play to retrieve balls or interfere with balls in play. Violators will be subject to ejection.

Handicapped Seating

Standard handicapped seating is located on the concourse behind sections 107 and 109. Please see an usher or Y'alls staff member for assistance.

Handicapped Parking

Handicapped parking is located outside of the south side of the stadium along the first base line. You may enter through the first base gate and still have a chance to receive all giveaways during entry and exit. 


We understand that this is a part of the game, but please watch your mouth. Do not be disrespectful to our players, officials, staff or other guests. If you do so, we hold the right to remove you from the stadium, and you will be escorted out by the Florence Police. 

In-Between Inning Games

If you wish to participate in an in-between inning promotional game, please see the info booth by the front gate. There, you can meet with a member of the Restore Hyper Wellness Rally Team to sign up for a spot. For select games, you will need to fill out a participation wavier to compete.  

Jersey Auction

For specially jersey nights, we hold auction for the game worn jerseys. If you bid on a jersey, that is a binding contract to fulfill the purchase of that jersey. If you are unable to pay the amount you bid, please do not bid. These auctions are connected to a benefactor each evening and we are doing our best to pay it forward to these organizations. If you can not pay, they can not receive the donation. 

Jersey Auctions will begin at the first pitch of the game, and close bidding in the 7th inning. Jerseys will be available to pick up AFTER the game in the team store; once the jersey is collected from the player and paid for by the bidder, it will be released from the organization. 

Lost and Found

Items may be turned in and/or claimed at the Team Shop.

National Anthem Performance

If you are booked to sing the national anthem, you will receive 2 complimentary tickets into the game you are performing for. If you are a group performing the anthem, you will only receive tickets for the performers. We are happy to set up family and friends with group rate tickets to come see you perform. Please contact Sophie at sophie@florenceyalls.com with questions. 

Online Orders (Retail)

Online orders from our Y'alls Team Store will take 4-7 days to process. Depending on your location, domestic shipping could take 2-12 days. If you have not received confirmation via email from our team store by this point, feel free to contact us to get an update. Expedited shipping is available for purchase, as well as local pick-up. International shipping is currently not available.

Online Orders (Tickets)

Online ticket purchasing can be done through our website. During purchase, you can pick to either have your tickets emailed/text to you or you can choose to pick up at will call. If you are purchasing a ticket pack from the team store, you will be contacted for more details. If there is a complication with purchasing tickets online, please contact Jack or Gabe for more information or assistance.


Parking is always FREE!

Post Game Autographs 

We of course encourage our players to interact with fans before and after the game! They love to meet you and are happy to get pictures and sign autographs.

If for any reason, players are instructed by the field manager to for go interaction, or they choose to not participate, please do not interfere.

To guarantee a post game autograph or picture, please join us for a Sunday game! The players host a signing session after each game. 

Press Pass

Any TV, Radio, or Media personnel that wishes to join us for a game, can email rory@florencyalls.com to secure their credentials for the evening. 

Prohibited Items

All prohibited items will be confiscated at the gate by either our staff or the Florence Police Officer on duty. Prohibited Items listed: Outside Food and Beverage, Peanuts, Seeds, Sharp Objects, Weapons, Firearms, etc. Prohibited Items can be changed by the organization at any time. 

Split the Pot

The Y'alls never are the holder of money or organizers of any split the pot at the ballpark. If you choose to participate, please keep a clear line of communication with the organization running the game. They are in charge of payment and selector of the winner! 

Team Store

Our team store is located inside the ballpark in the left field corner; 7950 Freedom Way, Florence KY 4142. You can also make online merchandise purchases at florenceyalls.com

Weather Delay

We play on a turf field, therefore cancellations due to weather are rare. If we are on a weather delay, we will alert all fans via PA announcement and social media postings. If a game ends up be cancelled, we will make an announcement on how you will be able to exchange your tickets for another day. No refunds will be issued.